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You have a choice. You can allow your guests to give the usual
gifts such as a toaster, blender or a silver platter (that will never
be used), or you can request that they contribute to your Home
Down Payment Registry.

The Home Down Payment Registry account allows couples that
are getting married to open an FDIC insured banking account with
a participating bank into which family and friends can directly
deposit cash wedding gifts. These deposits are then used for
down payment assistance for the purchase of a home.

We will walk you through the process and make the whole
experience a very simple and no hassle event. We show you how
to get pre-approved for your home loan. We then help you set up
your very own home down payment registry bank account, into
which your gift money is deposited. Next, we take you out and
help you find your dream home. We get final loan approval and
set up the closing. Then you move into your home. It's as simple
as that.

The Gift of Home is coordinated between Blue Fence Real Estate
and participating banks.

Collecting Gift Money

Months prior to your bridal shower and wedding, we will provide
you with
cards (business card size) to include with your invitations
letting your guests know to contribute to your home down
payment fund.

Funds can be mailed directly to you or to your chosen
participating bank to be deposited into your home down payment
registry account. This account will take the guesswork out of gift
selection. These gifts can be given with the assurance that the
donors are providing you with an opportunity to purchase your
first home.

You are not obligated to use the money in the Home Down
Payment Registry Account for a down payment on a home. You
control how the funds will be used and if your plans change, you
can simply withdraw the money and use it for something else.
Also, there is no requirement that the bridal couple be married
prior to closing.

Opening your Home Down Payment Registry

FHA policy permits cash gifts to be used as an acceptable source
of funds for the down payment. Previously, federal regulations
prevented sources of these gifts from those other than immediate
family members.

Home Down Payment Registry accounts now make gifts from
friends and family permissible. A supervised bridal registry
account makes the process acceptable to FHA and of benefit to
the wedding couple. Now wedding gifts can be used to purchase a
new home.


  1. Contact one of our participating banks to open your Home
    Down Payment Registry Account and to get a free pre-
    approval for your home loan
  2. You can then start to search for a home through Blue
    Fence Real Estate with your comfortable purchase price
  3. Blue Fence will provide you with cards to include in your
    wedding invitations letting your attendees know of your
    home down payment wedding registry account and where
    to send their monetary gifts.
  4. Once you are ready to search for your home, an
    experienced Blue Fence agent will show you homes and
    guide you throughout the entire home buying process.
  5. The entire closing process will be seamless between your
    Blue Fence agent and Participating Bank Professional.
  6. After you close on a home, Blue Fence will provide you with
    “just moved” postcards that can be mailed out to anyone
    that gave you a monetary gift so that they can see what you
    purchased with their gift (you just provide the postage).

To participate in The Gift of Home program, you will be asked to  
agreeing to use a Blue Fence agent to purchase your home and
receive a pre-approval through one of the participating banks.
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