The traditional way to sell real estate is to list your home for sale
with a REALTOR® through a Real Estate company. They will in turn
place your home’s listing in the Multiple Listing Service for other
REALTORS® to view and bring by potential buyers along with a
whole list of marketing activities.

We also do this, and so much more.

With the tightening of lending restrictions due to the mortgage
industry collapse, many qualified buyers can no longer get approved
for a home loan. We put together a “rent to own” program where a
buyer will purchase your home for a defined time period (paying you
a monthly payment) while they work on improving their credit score
to qualify for a traditional mortgage. We have a list of people looking
for rent to own opportunities plus we also market the properties to
other REALTORS® that also have clients in the same situation.

4 Reasons the Blue Fence Rent to Own Program Can Work
For You:

1. Payment: Each month you collect a payment to cover your mortgage, taxes
and insurance. The monthly payment you receive consists of principal, interest,
taxes and insurance based upon the purchase price.

2. Firm Offer at Full Market Value: You will have a firm offer for the sale of your
home in most cases at full market value at the time of the agreement signing.

3. Landlord:  The agreement puts the responsibility of maintenance to the
buyer. So no late night telephone calls saying they need a plumber.

4. No More Showings: Once the land contract agreement is signed, there will
be no more showings for your property as the sale is completed.


  • Together we come to an agreement to the terms of the land contract
    which includes, a listing/selling price, interest rate and down payment.

  • We will list your home for sale in the Multiple Listing Service using our
    Smart Sellers Program.

  • Once there is a potential buyer, they will get qualified with a financial
    institution to check their credit score, timeliness of payments, etc.  They
    will also be “approved” for a home loan down the road. This means they
    will find out if it will even be possible for them to purchase the property
    in the time frame of the agreement.

  • Your real estate attorney will complete all the necessary papers (if you
    do not have a real estate attorney, we have the names of those that have
    successfully completed these transactions).
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