Renting / Buying

Sometimes getting approved for a home loan through a bank just doesn’t work
out at the same time as you are ready to buy. There is more than just one way
to buy a house, town home, or condominium.

Rent To Own often gets buyers into a home of their own sooner than they might
have otherwise found it possible through the use of owner or seller financing.

7 Reasons the Blue Fence Rent to Own Program Can Work
For You:

1. Build Equity: The principal portion of monthly payment goes to reduce the
overall principal balance owed on the property. In addition, your down payment
goes to reduce the overall principal balance.

2. Down Payment: The down payment can be as low as 10% of the purchase
price and can be gifted from a family member or friend.  

3. Own your own home:  You enjoy the benefits of owning your home BEFORE
you technically even buy it!

4. Improving your property: Because you will own this property soon, any
improvements that you do will increase the value of the property and build up
your equity.

5. Your Credit: You are creating a strong credit reference while you are making
your payments through a land contract.

6. Locked in the price: You get to lock in a purchase price today. This is nearly
always below what the market value will be at that future date, which means
you get instant equity in your home when you buy it!  

7. No Cost to you for our Service: There is no cost to you to use a Blue Fence
agent when you are doing a land contract. We are compensated by the

Note: We do not make guarantees as to the future market value of a property.
No one can accurately predict the future value of any given property.


We will want to confirm you can afford (now and in the future) the home you
choose. So we will have a mortgage professional review your application.  

We do not disqualify based on credit, although, we will need to know your credit
situation in order to help you get the terms that work best for you.

We also verify your income, employment and past rental and/or mortgage

You need to be willing:
  • To make on time monthly payments
  • Take care of the home according to the contract
  • Fix your damaged credit, if that is what is keeping you from the bank
  • Have a minimum of 10% to put down and the first month’s payment.

If you are willing to do the above and your application is approved, you are on
your way to getting into your new home.

What this all means to you:
  • You lock in the purchase price.
  • You get a nice home in a nice neighborhood for your family.
  • A portion of your monthly payment goes to building equity.
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