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Featuring Lake Zurich, Illinois Public Schools and Private Schools Information
Lake Zurich District 95 (K-8)
Charles Quentin Elementary School
Isaac Fox Elementary School
May Whitney Elementary School
Sarah Adams Elementary School
Seth Paine Elementary School
Spencer Loomis Elementary School
Middle School North
Middle School South

Fremont District 79 (K-8)
Kildeer/Countryside District 96 (K-8)
Lake Zurich High School (9-12)
Stevenson High School (9-12)
Find top-rated Lake Zurich schools, browse public schools and private schools by grade level in Lake Zurich, Illinois. View information on Lake
Zurich Schools, colleges, school report cards, Lake Zurich school rankings and guides for Lake Zurich Schools..

Lake provides a directory of Lake Zurich  public schools and Lake Zurich private schools. Including Lake Zurich Middle Schools,
Lake Zurich Junior High Schools, Lake Zurich jr high schools, Lake Zurich High Schools, Lake Zurich Elementary Schools, Lake Zurich Community
Colleges, Lake Zurich Junior Colleges, Lake Zurich Montessori Schools, Lake Zurich University, Lake Zurich Universities, Lake Zurich Nursery
Schools, Lake Zurich preschools pre-schools, Lake Zurich Catholic Schools, Lake Zurich Pre-Kindergarten, Lake Zurich Community Education,
Lake Zurich adult continuing education. The listing of schools include grades of Kindergarten, First 1st Grade, Second 2nd Grade, Third 3rd Grade,
Fourth 4th Grade, Fifth 5th Grade, Sixth 6th Grade, Seventh 7th Grade, Eighth 8th Grade, Ninth 9th Grade, Freshman, Tenth 10th grade, Sophomore,
Eleventh 11th Grade, Junior, Twelfth 12th grade, senior. View photos, videos, profiles, and news for top-rated Lake Zurich schools.

Search local colleges and universities including graduate schools around Lake Zurich. View reports from the Lake Zurich Board of Education and
Lake Zurich School Report Cards. Review the student activities calendar, Lake Zurich sports calendar,  PTO, Parent Teacher Organizations,
extra-curricular activities and high school sports.

Lake Zurich Education topics include homework, tutoring, bullying, learning disabilities, standardized testing, college prep, healthy kids, scores for
SAT testing, ACT scores, and school newsletters.
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